Ross Creek Talent Show

We value your kids very much at Ross Creek Landing Golf Club. Due to that, we have an annual talent show for kids. In our mini-golf course, there is a 3-hole course specifically for kids. Every year, kids’ golf competitions are held here during the first week of July. After the tournament, kids congregate on the recreational hall for a talent show.
Talents are not restricted to golfing but to anything which can bring out a variety of skills in …

Ross Creek Landing Golf Tournament

Many have known Ross Creek Landing Golf Club due to the number of tournaments we held. We even held our first fishing tournament at the lake on the course. These games started in 1990 with hundreds of golfing enthusiasts joining. This particular tournament takes place every May and August and attracts competitors from as far as Europe and Asia. They will be competing for a range of home kitchen appliances.
It is mainly for upcoming golfers who think they already have the skills to face the professionals. We are happy to announce that all international golf champions have played in this golf course at one time in their career.