All are welcome to join this club. As long as you have the interest, you will have to pay the membership fee and join. Among the benefits of joining this club includes:

  • Playing in a less crowded area
  • The privilege of inviting your guests at a discount
  • Learning basic and advanced golfing techniques with the experts
  • Meeting new friends and creating a lifelong relationship inside and outside the club
  • Playing in any competition you wish
  • Enjoying attractive discounts on everything you buy in the club

For an individual, the fee of joining the membership club is €2500. However, if you want your family to be members also, you will have to pay €3000. If you wish to register as a group, we give an offer of €1500 per person as long as your group consists of 5 or more people.

We know students don’t have a lot of money on their own. If you are a student who wants to join, you will only have to pay an annual fee of €1000.

You can choose to pay in installments provided you have paid at least more than half before you start enjoying the membership benefits.